Feb 9, 2013

6th Primary

Hi, kids! How are you? We have worked the story of Robin Hood at school. Here you have the trailer of the film (2011). It is an exciting movie!!!!!

Past Simple - Regular Verbs: Look at the next video to remember the past form of some important regular verbs with the help of some funny pictures:

5th Primary

Hello, children! Do you like sport? Watch and listen to this video about sports in Britain... It is really interesting!!

And what can you tell me about frogs? What about grammar...?
Click on the next link and practice the present continuous form of the verb with a pair of exercises. It is funny and an ideal way to improve in this important grammatical content:

4th Primary

Hi, kids! This is a new post about the time and daily routines.
Let's begin with a video about the way to tell the time in English. Learn with a clear explanation the two zones: PAST and TO (o'clock, quarter past, half past and quarter to + five past, ten past, twenty to, five to, etc...):

Daily routines: Can you do this exercises about some daily routines? 
What time does Cindy go to school? Does Peter have lunch at quarter to five?, Does she go to bed at ten o'clock? Click on the link: