Sep 27, 2012

5th Primary

Hello, children! Firstly today you can watch this video about opposites. We have worked some of them but there are some completely new:

"Who am I?" is a short game about physical descriptions. Be careful with the time! Read the description, type the name of the girl and check your answers :

Sep 26, 2012

4th Primary

Let's count to 100! It is time to practise the numbers from 1 to 100 with a funny song. Click and watch the video:

And now you can play this game about numbers. Click on the link below and then click on START to begin. Just listen to the number and click it. Good luck!!!

Sep 25, 2012

6th Primary / Adults

Hi everyone! Here we have an easy game to practise some opposite adjectives. Click on the title below and then click on START to play:

And now you have a matching activity (more difficult, but not too much):

Sep 19, 2012


Hi, colleagues! Welcome everyone to this new elementary course for teachers.

Let' start with this fantastic song by Adele: "Rolling in the deep", with English and Spanish subtitles:

And now three exercises about personal information. Click on the link and do the activities online. When you finish click on "DONE" and check your answers.

1. Making questions, matching questions and answers and writing a paragraph.

2. Different tasks to pracice the verb to be (am, is, are) and to have (have, has). Funny animations.

3. Asking for personal informations. Easy, eleven questions.

Sep 6, 2012

6th Primary

Hi kids! And welcome back to school.
Now, watch this video about cardinal and ordinal numbers:

Have a look to this one about dates.This is the way to answer the question "When's your birthday?", always with the corresponding month and the ordinal number. For example, "March 3rd" or "February 21st".

Sep 5, 2012

5th Primary

Welcome back to school, everyone!!!
Let's begin with the song "The wheels on the bus":

And now it is time to do a revision of the time with an easy activity. Do you remember? Click on the link:

Sep 3, 2012

4th Primary

Learn the letters of the ALPHABET with this video:

Here you have an alphabet song: