May 20, 2014

5th Primary

Hi, children!!!
How are you? In this post, we are going to read and listen to a true story of a tsunami. Click on the link:

And now you can practice the language with the next multiple choice exercise:

Finally, let's know the real Tilly Smith watching the following video. Very interesting!!!

6th Primary

Hi kids!!!
The school year is finishing and it is time to remember all the things that we have learned in our lessons.

TEST YOUR ENGLISH now!!! It is a good way to do a general review and to check your English level. Please, click on the link:

4th Primary

Hello children!! Are you ready to have fun?


Click on the next link to try different games. It is a great revision of the course...and very funny!!!

May 4, 2014

4th Primary

Hi, kids!! Let's begin this post about THE ANIMALS UNDER THE SEA with a funny Magic English episode:´

And the next video is about 10 of the most incredible animals discovered under the sea. Amazing!!!!!