May 26, 2015

6th Primary.

Hi, kids!! A new post, one of the last of this school year...
Let's learn interesting things about English Speaking countries with the next video:

See you soon!!

4th Primary.

Hi, friends!! The school year is ending... (Do not cry, please)...

It is time for a complete revision with FUNLAND, a great Cambridge English game for young learners.
Please, select ENGLISH language, choose ADD NEW PROFILE, ENTER YOUR NAME, and CHOOSE AN ICON. Then click on "Confirm" and...enjoy!!
(See the TUTORIALS before playing the games). Click on the link:

May 6, 2015

6th Primary.

Hi, folks! How are you going?
Let's  improve our knowledge of Ancient Civilizations with this link about Ancient Egyptian Gods:

Would you like to learn how Ancient Egyptians made mummies? interesting...

Let's follow with a very interesting video about pharaohs, pyramids, sphinx and mummies. Enjoy learning!!

Finally, try to find the vocabulary in the next ANCIENT EGYPT wordsearch.Click on the link: