Apr 20, 2013

5th Primary

Hi, folks!! This new post is about DINOSAURS.

It is a funny story: "Dinosaur dig". It was Sonia's birthday and she had a new game... Click on the link, then click START to begin:

4th Primary

Hi, kids!! In this new post we are going to watch and listen two short videos. The first one is about the pronunciation of  "ch" - "sh" - "th".  The second video is about the sound "aw". Watch, listen and practice:

The Electric Company: Transformer H 

The Electric Company: Awesome AW

And let's remember now the prepositions of place with a simple exercise:

Apr 17, 2013

6th Primary

Hi, folks!! Here you have a new post. Today, with two games. Firstly you have to drag each number onto the appropiate paragraph to sequence a text. The second game is a time game to review the writen form of the past simple of some  regular and irregular verbs. Enjoy!!!

Remember to read the instructions carefully before playing.