Nov 6, 2014

6th Primary.

Hi, folks! Let's learn today how people in Britain celebrate Bonfire Night. This is an important festival in the British autumn calendar:

It is interesting, isn't it? After watching the video, please, complete the following sentences. Write them down into your notebook:

1. Every year, Bonfire Night takes place on _______ _________________.
2. Bonfire Night parties take place in _____________ and _______________ across Britain.
3. There are lots of parties at Winchester and they attracts over _____________ ________________ people.
4. Steve Lewis __________________ the Bonfire Night celebration in Winchester.
5. There are a ______________ and _________________ volunteers to organize the festival at Winchester.
6. Bonfire Night is a __________________ of the fact that Guy Fawkes plan to kill King James ______________.
7. Leon is in charge of the ___________________ on Bonfire Night.
8. Bonfire Night is a festival about British __________________ but it is a good oportunity to _____________ ____________, too.

Nov 5, 2014

5th Primary

Hi, kids!! Bonfire Night is a special event in Britain. Watch the next video and learn about this amazing British festival:

Please, could you complete the next sentences now?:

1. Bonfire Night is celebrated on ________________________.
2. Rosie lives in _____________________.
3. She is doing a _____________________ about Bonfire Night.
4. Guy Fawkes wanted to kill the king in ____________.
5. Rosie's brother is doing _____________ ______________ _____________ for his homework.
6. Rosie and her dad buy ________________ in a shop.
7. Rosie's family eats ______________ ______________ in the garden and then they go to a fireworks display.
8. At the fireworks display people burn a ______________ in a big bonfire.

Good luck!!!