May 14, 2013

4th Primary

Hi, kids! Great, fantastic,...!
An excellent work from a group of students: Olga Castaño, Sergi Garcia, Lluc Nofre,  Emma Torres and Marina Guardia (4th B). It is a cartoon based on the story "The Wolf is in Town" (Surprise 4, Oxford University Press). Click on the link and enjoy:

May 11, 2013

4th Primary

Hi, kids! Let's go to the rainforest!And let's begin with a funny song about the animals that live in the jungle: "Walking through the jungle". Watch, listen and enjoy:

Would you like to listen to the real sounds of an elephant, a lion, a camel, a jaguar, a hyena or a rhino? Yes? Then click and watch the video:

5th Primary

Hi, folks! What do you know about the life of gorillas in our planet? Click on the link to learn more about these beautiful animals:

Funny pictures and lots of info

Now, click on the next link and ENJOY with a video about a group of tourists that could see a family of wild gorillas (Bwindi National Park, Rwanda). Amazing!

6th Primary

Hi, kids! How are you? Do you like Geography?
Learn about the continents and oceans of the World with these two videos: