Oct 28, 2012

4th/5th/6th Primary

Remember that next Saturday, 3rd November, children from our school participate in the TV programme "Fish and Chips". At 12.20 p.m. on Club Super 3 channel. 

Oct 26, 2012

6th Primary

Hi, kids! Happy Halloween for everyone!
Let's start with the song "This is Halloween" from the Tim Burton's film "The nightmare before Christmas":

And now two Halloween games:

Read the descriptions and find the Halloween vocabulary.

This is a page with 6 different Halloween games to play and have fun.

For more Halloween games, stories and songs visit 4th-5th Primary Halloween posts.

5th Primary

Hi, kids!!! Halloween is a very special date in English and American calendars. Let's celebrate Halloween with a story and a game:

Click on START button to watch and listen to the story.

Find the object beginning with the corresponding letter and click on it.

Finally, watch and listen to this video "The Skeleton dance":

For more Halloween games, stories and songs visit 4t-6th Halloween posts.

4th Primary

Hi, kids!! Are you ready for the night of witches, ghosts and vampires?

Click on START button to watch and listen to the story.

For more Halloween stories, games and songs visit 5th-6th Halloween posts.

Oct 17, 2012


Hello everyone!!
Let's begin with a video -8 minutes- about the past simple of to be, regular and irregular verbs. There is also a little quiz.Very clear and easy to understand!!!:

And now you can practice the past simple with these six exercises:

Oct 14, 2012

5th Primary

What are you wearing now? Can you talk about your clothes?
Watch this "Real English" episode and listen to real english-speaking people talking about their clothes:

Oct 13, 2012

4th Primary

Hi, kids! In this post you have two funny exercises to practice numbers and classroom language.
1/ A gaps fill activity about numbers from 20 to 100. You have to write numbers:

2/ A classroom language wordsearch about English classroom language. You must find instruction words like complete, tick, cross out, repeat,...

Oct 12, 2012

Oct 5, 2012

5th Primary

Hi, kids! In this post, we are going to begin with a revision of the physical description of people. Let's try this activity!! You have to choose the correct paragraph that describes each girl. Good luck!!

Can you answer twenty questions about you? What do you think?
Watch the video and test yourself!!! Write your personal answers in your notebook.

4th Primary

Hi everyone!!
How are you? Well, let's learn today the names of different sports in English (American) and the positions of the players.

And here you have an exercise about likes and dislikes:

Oct 4, 2012

6th Primary

In this post, we are going to learn the way to form comparatives and superlatives in English.
- Add er to short adjectives to form comparatives: faster, shorter, longer,...
- Use more (adjective) than to long adjectives to form comparatives: more expensive than, more beautiful than,...

- Add est to short adjectives to form superlatives: the longest river, the fastest animal,...
- Use the most + adjective to long adjectives to form superlatives: the most important, the most famous,...


An easy exercise where you have to complete some sentences with the superlative form of the adjective:


A funny game: catch as many superlatives as you can but avoid the comparatives (using the arrow keys):

COMPARATIVES AND SUPERLATIVES: Another chapter of "Real English", this time answering questions like Which city is bigger: New York or San Francisco?, What is the most beautiful language in the world?.