Dec 15, 2013

4th Primary

Hi children!!!


First, let's begin today with a revision of English Christmas Vocabulary:

5th Primary

Hi everybody!!! And a Very Merry Christmas!!!
Please, watch the next video about the Jesus birth and enjoy with the Nativity story:

6th Primary

Hi, guys!!

Ho, ho, ho!!!
Let's celebrate Christmas and enjoy the New Year with the next hilarious Mr Bean's episode:


Nov 19, 2013

4th Primary

Hi children? Are you ready to have fun?
Please, watch the following funny videos about actions, using the Present Continuous:

5th Primary

Hi kids!! Today we are going to improve our vocabulary with the next video about...


Oct 28, 2013

4th Primary


Here you have 3 Halloween games to have a good Halloween night. Enjoy!!!

Use the catapult to toss 4 frogs into the cauldron!!

Hit the ghosts and ghoults before they get you!!

Control a witch with your mouse and click the left button to shoot.

6th Primary

Hi, kids!!! Happy Halloween!!!!
Click on the link and you will go to...

(only if you are really brave, be careful!)

5th Primary

Hi, kids!!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!
Please, read, listen and follow the next Alfy story about Halloween. Enjoy!!

Oct 13, 2013

4th Primary

Hello children!!!
Let's remember the different words you can use to describe the physical appearance of a person (hair and eyes). Listen and watch the following video. With "The Incredibles" characters!!!

5th Primary

Hi kids! Are you ready to play a game?
Let's play "Describing people". It is a game where you have to put the words in the correct order to make sentences that describe people. How many sentences can you make?
Click on "START" to begin:

6th Primary

Hi folks!! How are you?
Learn about different opposite words with the next video:

Sep 14, 2013

6th Primary

Hi, kids! Welcome back to school!!!!
Let`s begin with a very interesting video about "Schools in Britain". Please, watch it and then write down the answers of some questions:

1. What does GCSE examination mean?
2. Which percentage of British students go to University?
3. Where is John Mason school?
4. How many students are there on a Primary class?
5. What instrument does Daniela play?
6. What is the difference between state and independent schools?
7. What are boarding schools?

5th Primary

Hi, folks!! Welcome back to school!!!
The first post of this new academic year is about the language you have to use in the classroom:

Sep 9, 2013

4th Primary

Hi kids!!! And welcome back to school!!!!
Let's begin with a classical English song: "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes". Click on the screen and enjoy:

Jun 20, 2013

4th / 5th / 6th Primary

Summer is here!!!

Enjoy your holidays!!! See you in September!!!

The Google Doodle for the 21st June

Jun 1, 2013

4th Primary

Hi, kids! This is a new post about WILD ANIMALS. Today you can see a "Magic English" episode. Try to follow the video and repeat, answer, guess...Enjoy with Disney cartoons!!
How many animals from the video can you say in English?

6th Primary

Hi, guys! Let's have a look at this video about the NEW seven wonders of the world. It is really beautiful...

5th Primary

Hi, kids! Here you have a new video: a funny monkey playing with two tiger cubs.Ha,ha,ha...Amazing!!!

May 14, 2013

4th Primary

Hi, kids! Great, fantastic,...!
An excellent work from a group of students: Olga Castaño, Sergi Garcia, Lluc Nofre,  Emma Torres and Marina Guardia (4th B). It is a cartoon based on the story "The Wolf is in Town" (Surprise 4, Oxford University Press). Click on the link and enjoy:

May 11, 2013

4th Primary

Hi, kids! Let's go to the rainforest!And let's begin with a funny song about the animals that live in the jungle: "Walking through the jungle". Watch, listen and enjoy:

Would you like to listen to the real sounds of an elephant, a lion, a camel, a jaguar, a hyena or a rhino? Yes? Then click and watch the video:

5th Primary

Hi, folks! What do you know about the life of gorillas in our planet? Click on the link to learn more about these beautiful animals:

Funny pictures and lots of info

Now, click on the next link and ENJOY with a video about a group of tourists that could see a family of wild gorillas (Bwindi National Park, Rwanda). Amazing!

6th Primary

Hi, kids! How are you? Do you like Geography?
Learn about the continents and oceans of the World with these two videos:

Apr 20, 2013

5th Primary

Hi, folks!! This new post is about DINOSAURS.

It is a funny story: "Dinosaur dig". It was Sonia's birthday and she had a new game... Click on the link, then click START to begin:

4th Primary

Hi, kids!! In this new post we are going to watch and listen two short videos. The first one is about the pronunciation of  "ch" - "sh" - "th".  The second video is about the sound "aw". Watch, listen and practice:

The Electric Company: Transformer H 

The Electric Company: Awesome AW

And let's remember now the prepositions of place with a simple exercise:

Apr 17, 2013

6th Primary

Hi, folks!! Here you have a new post. Today, with two games. Firstly you have to drag each number onto the appropiate paragraph to sequence a text. The second game is a time game to review the writen form of the past simple of some  regular and irregular verbs. Enjoy!!!

Remember to read the instructions carefully before playing.

Mar 19, 2013

6th Primary

Hi, guys! LET'S CELEBRATE EASTER!! Here you have a video with some beautiful pictures and a great song by Jeremy Camp, "There will be a day":


5th Primary

Hello, kids! This is a new post about Easter.
Let's begin with a video about Easter traditions in Britain:

Now, let's see the basic words of the celebration:

Happy Holidays!!!

4th Primary

Hi, children! And Happy Easter!! Click on the next link to learn and remember some vocabulary about Easter celebration. And then you can play a game!! 

And finally you can watch and listen to an Easter story: "Inside an Easter Egg":

Enjoy your holidays!!!!

Mar 10, 2013

6th Primary

Hi, kids! We are going to see in this post some videos about the way to talk in English with the Simple Past.
Let's start with a clear explanation (and understandable) of this tense:

And here is another video in wich some people answer questions about past actions, like What did you do yesterday?, What did you do this morning?,etc.

Finally, watch and listen to a conversation: "How was your vacation?"(vacation : holidays).

Mar 3, 2013

4th Primary

Hi, children! Welcome to this new post about vehicles. Click on the next link and you will find information about 12 means of transport. You can listen to the text while you read by clicking on the sound button:

And now read and listen to the next story: "A new pupil". It is about the first day at school of a new student. Click on the link:

5th Primary

Hi, kids! Let's start this new post with a video where some adults answer the question Were you good at school?. Watch and listen to their answers:

And let's follow with the theme of the nature. Learn the vocabulary with two memory games:

Feb 9, 2013

6th Primary

Hi, kids! How are you? We have worked the story of Robin Hood at school. Here you have the trailer of the film (2011). It is an exciting movie!!!!!

Past Simple - Regular Verbs: Look at the next video to remember the past form of some important regular verbs with the help of some funny pictures:

5th Primary

Hello, children! Do you like sport? Watch and listen to this video about sports in Britain... It is really interesting!!

And what can you tell me about frogs? What about grammar...?
Click on the next link and practice the present continuous form of the verb with a pair of exercises. It is funny and an ideal way to improve in this important grammatical content:

4th Primary

Hi, kids! This is a new post about the time and daily routines.
Let's begin with a video about the way to tell the time in English. Learn with a clear explanation the two zones: PAST and TO (o'clock, quarter past, half past and quarter to + five past, ten past, twenty to, five to, etc...):

Daily routines: Can you do this exercises about some daily routines? 
What time does Cindy go to school? Does Peter have lunch at quarter to five?, Does she go to bed at ten o'clock? Click on the link:

Jan 20, 2013

4th Primary

Hello, children! Welcome back to my blog.
Watch and listen to this video with vocabulary about the theme of the FOOD and DRINK.

If you click on the next link, you can play different games connected with the same theme (Food and Drink). Play all the games to learn the vocabulary:

Read the instructions ("How to play the game") carefully before playing

5th Primary

Hi, kids!!
This is the first post of the year. Let's begin learning and practising vocabulary connected  with the theme of THE TOWN. Learn, practise and test yourself:

Now you cand do two more activities about this theme, a crossword and a wordsearch:

6th Primary

Hi, folks!! Here it is the first post of the year.Let's start with a basketball GAME. It is called HoopShoot, about Jobs and Places. Enjoy!!!

And now you have a "Real English" video.Watch and listen to some people talking about their jobs. The second part of the video is with subtitles: