Sep 29, 2015

5th Primary.

Hi, friends!!
Let's practice your spelling!
With "Coconut Vowels" you must match the missing letters to the correct word coconut. Be careful!! If a coconut reaches the beach before you blast it, the game will end.
Choose the difficulty of the game and the speed and... enjoy!!

4th Primary.

Hi kids!!
Let's practice the letters of the alphabet wth the next game: "Alphabet Match".
You have two options: "Letter Names" or "Letter Sounds". Choose your options and click on "Go". Choose a game type and... have fun!!

Sep 27, 2015

6th Primary.

Hi, kids!! How are you?
This is the first post of the new academic year, about new opposites to improve your vocabulary:

Sep 10, 2015

4th, 5th, 6th Primary.

Hello everybody!! Welcome back to school!!

This is a little present for you all. The song Let it go from Frozen... in 25 languages!!!