Mar 16, 2014

4th Primary

Hi, folks!! This post is about daily routines and the time.
Let's begin with a video, a revision of the main routines. Click and watch.

And let's continue with an activity in which you have to match the verbs on the left with the complements on the right:

Now you are going to see some pictures and you have to match them with the right expression:

Watch the next video, with a clear explanation of the way to tell the time in English:

Mar 3, 2014

6th Primary

Hi friends!!
Please, watch the next story and complete the exercises. Click on the link:

5th Primary

Hi, kids!
Ha, ha, ha....Here you have a funny game to practise the present continuous... Choose the right answer and...

And now watch the next "Real English" video. How many actions can you count?: