Dec 14, 2014

4th, 5th, 6th Primary.

Click and watch the video:

5th Primary.

Happy Christmas everybody!!!

Hi, kids!! Have a very Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!!
Listen to the following classical song "The 12 Days of Christmas":


6th Primary.


Let's celebrate the season with family and friends!
And let's learn facts about Santa Claus, with the next video. Listen to Niharika:

Who is Santa Claus?

Now, listen to the next Christmas song: "Santa Claus is Coming to Town", by Bruce Springsteen (The Boss)
Santa Claus is coming to town
Bruce Springsteen


4th Primary.

Here you have three Christmas carols to practice English during the holidays.
Have fun!!!




Nov 6, 2014

6th Primary.

Hi, folks! Let's learn today how people in Britain celebrate Bonfire Night. This is an important festival in the British autumn calendar:

It is interesting, isn't it? After watching the video, please, complete the following sentences. Write them down into your notebook:

1. Every year, Bonfire Night takes place on _______ _________________.
2. Bonfire Night parties take place in _____________ and _______________ across Britain.
3. There are lots of parties at Winchester and they attracts over _____________ ________________ people.
4. Steve Lewis __________________ the Bonfire Night celebration in Winchester.
5. There are a ______________ and _________________ volunteers to organize the festival at Winchester.
6. Bonfire Night is a __________________ of the fact that Guy Fawkes plan to kill King James ______________.
7. Leon is in charge of the ___________________ on Bonfire Night.
8. Bonfire Night is a festival about British __________________ but it is a good oportunity to _____________ ____________, too.

Nov 5, 2014

5th Primary

Hi, kids!! Bonfire Night is a special event in Britain. Watch the next video and learn about this amazing British festival:

Please, could you complete the next sentences now?:

1. Bonfire Night is celebrated on ________________________.
2. Rosie lives in _____________________.
3. She is doing a _____________________ about Bonfire Night.
4. Guy Fawkes wanted to kill the king in ____________.
5. Rosie's brother is doing _____________ ______________ _____________ for his homework.
6. Rosie and her dad buy ________________ in a shop.
7. Rosie's family eats ______________ ______________ in the garden and then they go to a fireworks display.
8. At the fireworks display people burn a ______________ in a big bonfire.

Good luck!!!

Oct 19, 2014

6th Primary.

Hello everyone!! Halloween is a very special festival in many countries. Here you have a video with the basic Halloween characters and activities:

Watch now the next video about the TOP 10 CHILDREN'S HALLOWEEN MOVIES:

5th Primary.

Hi, kids!! Today's first activity is a funny song: "The Scary Skeleton". Watch, listen and enjoy:

And now, could you find all the Halloween words in the next wordsearch?

4th Primary

Resultado de imagen de HAPPY HALLOWEEN
Let's begin with two songs and a revision of Halloween vocabulary:


And now, try to find 8 words in the next worsearch. Click and drag your mouse across the word and highlight it. The words can be upwards, downwards or diagonal.

May 20, 2014

5th Primary

Hi, children!!!
How are you? In this post, we are going to read and listen to a true story of a tsunami. Click on the link:

And now you can practice the language with the next multiple choice exercise:

Finally, let's know the real Tilly Smith watching the following video. Very interesting!!!

6th Primary

Hi kids!!!
The school year is finishing and it is time to remember all the things that we have learned in our lessons.

TEST YOUR ENGLISH now!!! It is a good way to do a general review and to check your English level. Please, click on the link:

4th Primary

Hello children!! Are you ready to have fun?


Click on the next link to try different games. It is a great revision of the course...and very funny!!!

May 4, 2014

4th Primary

Hi, kids!! Let's begin this post about THE ANIMALS UNDER THE SEA with a funny Magic English episode:´

And the next video is about 10 of the most incredible animals discovered under the sea. Amazing!!!!!

Apr 3, 2014

4th Primary

Hi, children!! HAPPY EASTER!!
Click on the next link to practice the Easter vocabulary. You have a Picture Dictionary and you can Test your memory, Spell Words, and more things:

The Easter Bunny is nice, isn't it? Would you like to learn the way of drawing a bunny in an Easter egg? Watch the following video, please:

5th Primary

Hi, folks! Happy Easter everyone!!
First of all, watch and listen to the next song by Jeremy Camp:
The Way

Spanish Lyrics

What do you know about the British celebration of Easter? Watch the next video to learn a lot of things. Is it similar to your celebration? Watch and find out! Click on the link:

6th Primary

Hi, kids!! Happy Easter!!
Let's watch an episode of the series "Window on Britain" about the United Kingdom. It provides basic and clear information about this European country:


Mar 16, 2014

4th Primary

Hi, folks!! This post is about daily routines and the time.
Let's begin with a video, a revision of the main routines. Click and watch.

And let's continue with an activity in which you have to match the verbs on the left with the complements on the right:

Now you are going to see some pictures and you have to match them with the right expression:

Watch the next video, with a clear explanation of the way to tell the time in English:

Mar 3, 2014

6th Primary

Hi friends!!
Please, watch the next story and complete the exercises. Click on the link:

5th Primary

Hi, kids!
Ha, ha, ha....Here you have a funny game to practise the present continuous... Choose the right answer and...

And now watch the next "Real English" video. How many actions can you count?:

Feb 14, 2014

4th Primary

Hi kids!!! Please, watch the next video and learn new words with the silent e:

And now it's time for a revision of "likes and dislikes". Do you remember?:

I/They like      I/They don't like              Yes, I/They do          No, I/They don't

He/She likes    He/She doesn't like          Yes, he/she does       No, he/she doesn't

Can you complete the following sentences with the right words? Please, click on the link:

Jan 23, 2014

6th Primary

Hi, guys!!! The post of today is about PERSONALITY ADJECTIVES.
Firstly, watch the next video. You are going to see a girl called Hannah talking about some personality types.Can you recognize them?

And now you have two language games. The first one is about some opposite adjectives that you have to match. The second one is a sword fighting game: you can choose the number of players, the appearance of your character and his name, etc. Good luck!!!



Have a nice day!!!

Jan 21, 2014

4th / 5th Primary

Hi, kids! How are you?
Today we are going to do a revision of the topic of the PLACES IN A CITY.
First of all, practice the vocabulary with the next video:

And now you can learn the definition of some places by clicking on the corresponding picture. You can play different games, too!!! (TEST YOUR MEMORY, SPELL IT, GUESS THE WORDS, PICTURE TEST and VOCABULARY QUIZ). Click on the link: