Jun 14, 2017

4th, 5th, 6th Primary.

Hi kids!
Sports, actions, people, films, jobs, countries... OUR ENGLISH FRIENDS provides you a complete revision of all these topics. A good way to revise the vocabulary of the English classes. Please, click on the link:

Jun 13, 2017

6th Primary.

Hi, everyone!
EXTRA ENGLISH is a funny BBC series that tells the story of Bridget and Annie, two youg women who share a flat in London. But everything changes when Bridget gets a letter from Argentina...

Jun 11, 2017

5th Primary.

Hi kids!!
In this post you have two links to practice listening and reading skills. It is a good way to revise and complete the course during your holidays:

6th Primary.

Hi guys!!
It is the end of the school year. Let's practice and remember the different skills that we have worked at school.
Try these tests, from the website eslforprimarykids. Click on the links, please:

Jun 7, 2017

4th Primary.

Hi folks! The end of the school year is very close!!!
Let's revise the vocabulary about the sea animals with the next funny song:"A hole in the bottom of the sea".

Jun 4, 2017

5th Primary.

Hello everyone!!!
Let's practice the past simple form.

. regular verbs form the past by adding ed or d: cook-cooked, watch-watched, like-liked,...
. irregular verbs have no rules to form the past: drink-drank, eat-ate, swim-swam,...

Please, watch the video to see the examples: